Expatritax: Expat tax services

Whether you have arrived in The Netherlands today or four years ago, most likely you are not yet an expert in Dutch or international tax law.
Expatritax was established to help out expatriates, or in short expats, with their Dutch tax matters.

Our company specialises in affordable and efficient tax return services for expats.
Expatritax employees are well educated and have over 13 years of work experience on the Dutch side of international tax situations.
Our method of working and fee structure are clear so you will not have any unpleasant surprises.

Expatritax also provides tax advice for expats and can apply for the 30%-ruling. Our contacts at the tax authorities will be in your favour.
A fluent English-speaking team is at your service! Our aim is to become your trusted advisor as long as you stay in Holland – and after.
Please contact us and experience our efficient and effective service.