Expatritax gives a very competitive service with rates of more than 50% lower than the big tax consultancy firms. We have chosen to maintain a clear and simple fee structure, in general expatriates appreciate this. The below fees are not solely for the tax return but also include a limited amount of phone calls, emails and aftercare as is needed in an average expat situation. In other words, a very competitive service.

Tax returns

P-form  € 320,-
C-form € 320,-
M-form € 440,-
Provisional refund request € 160,-

Other services

30%-ruling request € 360,-
Tax advice € 160,- per hour

To all above rates BTW (VAT/GST) needs to be added.

The above rates apply when information is supplied efficiently. Clearly, specific advice, appeal procedure and more extensive (email) correspondence and contact will be charged separately at our hourly rate of € 160,– + BTW. Our fees are based on an efficient procedure and an average expat situation. Our team will advise beforehand if your situation is not straightforward and will come up with another offer before proceeding.

NEW: No win-no fee

In some situations a no win-no fee arrangement can be agreed upon. This arrangement has the advantage that it is all inclusive, even appeal if necessary is included. An invoice will only be sent after actual receipt of the refund. Therefore, you do not run the risk of paying a fee and not receiving a refund. Expatritax takes on this risk for you, many expatriates have appreciated this. Our team will advise whether you qualify for this arrangement after receipt of your information.


We highly appreciate if existing clients recommend Expatritax to friends and colleagues. As a ‘thank you’ we give clients a discount of € 100,– for every new client they refer. The discount is given once the new client has paid his invoice and will be deducted from the client’s next invoice.

We are convinced that our services are very good value for money – our clients are convinced too!

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