Tax advice

Tax advice

Although our team focuses on tax returns, we are also able to provide tax advice in international situations. Timely and proactive tax advice before your immigration or emigration can be worth thousands. Tax advice will take place at our hourly rate as mentioned on the page ‘Fees’.

Would you like to know what consequences your emigration has for your tax position in The Netherlands? You are working in The Netherlands as an expat and would like to know whether it is necessary to submit tax forms? Would you like to know whether you qualify for the 30% ruling? You are starting up a business and need tax advice? Your pension is taxable elsewhere and you do not know how it should be included in your Dutch tax return?

In the immensely complex international tax legislation often more questions come up than you care to recount. Whether you have a brief question or an extensive fiscal problem, our expertise will provide the expat with an answer. We will gladly help you as a professional tax advisor. Best results are obtained if you contact us as early as possible, when the situation still can be optimised. Our outstanding relation and experience with the Tax Office foreigners’ department provides us with a firm basis and starting point for negotiations with the inspector. We believe that timely tax advice is absolutely critical in every international situation.

Tax advice could include/relate to:

  • Tax consequences and refund opportunities of emigration;
  • Tax consequences and refund opportunities of immigration;
  • Advice re 30%-ruling;
  • Pension advice;
  • Corporate tax advice;
  • Appeal against an assessment;
  • Income/salary split;
  • Expat tax matters.

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