Tax return Netherlands

Tax return Netherlands

Expatritax specializes in a fast tax return service for expats. If you follow through the checklist on this page and supply all information by email, your tax return will be prepared as soon as possible – often within 2 weeks.

In view of giving this service it is important that you supply all necessary information in one go. Please go through the list carefully for the relevant year(s) and supply the needed information per email.

Tax return Netherlands: checklist

Download the tax return checklist

Tax return Netherlands: procedure

After receipt of your information, Expatritax will process this as soon as possible, and if necessary our team will contact the inspector to find out what type of tax return is expected. The tax report will then be sent to you via email. After receipt of your signed agreement and payment of our invoice, the tax return will be submitted. Please follow through the checklist and make sure the information needed for the tax return is provided efficiently (in one go).

If your tax return requires more attention which exceeds the standard fee, for example because of a complicated situation, Expatritax will inform you accordingly and give you an idea of the cost involved. Possibly your tax return can be prepared by way of a no win-no fee arrangement as described on the page ‘Fees’.

Tax assessment

1-3 months after submission of your tax return, an assessment can be expected. Expatritax receives an electronic copy of this assessment, in case the assessment is incorrect and appeal is needed (not often the case), we will inform you accordingly and suggest further steps. Please note that appeal is not included in the regular tax return fee.

Provisional refund request

If you purchased a first residence, you can already apply for a refund based on the mortgage interest during the relevant year. Other deductible items also qualify for this arrangement. Please complete the checklist and we will prepare a request.

Refund request Checklist

Download the refund request checklist

Tax advice

We can also provide more elaborate tax advice in international situations. Timely and proactive tax advice, for example before your immigration or emigration can be worth thousands of euro’s. Advice does not necessarily need to be very expensive and complicated, often a simple advice at the right time can have a great result. Advice will take place at our hourly rate of € 160, by Suurmond Taxconsultants.